Our Story:

Club Farniente was created with the desire to share a vision, to tell the world an important message.

Seeing around me all the craziness of people running after life, I just needed to tell them "STOP"!

Life is not a race. You have to take time to enjoy the good things that it has to offer. It's important to build good memories for your old days.

Being a born entrepreneur, I decided to share that message to the whole wide world.

Club Farniente was born...

After seceral long nights thinking about my idea, espadrilles became the obvious choice. They actually do a very good job telling you to stop the rush and have good times!

I then looked for a local factory in France and ended up finding the right one in south west, which is actually the original place of espadrilles. Genuine espadrilles...

7 hours drie - 1 hour talk - 7 hours drive

Cat was in the bag. Just had to design the first models.

I definitely wanted to bring a touch of fun and originality and gave birth to COCKTAIL collection.

Thanks to them, you can now take part in our mission and share our message in your own world.

At the end of the day, life is just a succession of memories.

I want mine to be good.

What about YOU?

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